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What is your favorite word in Japanese?

What is your favorite word in Japanese? Please answer what your favorite word is, what it translates to, and why it is your favorite. ありがとうございました!

May 25, 2017


[deactivated user]

    積ん読 (tsundoku), which means buying books, but not getting around to reading them. I like it because it is unique to Japanese, sounds nice, and can be applied to my life. I also like ありがた迷惑 (arigatameiwaku), which apparently means "an act someone does for you that you didn’t want to have them do and tried to avoid having them do, but they went ahead anyway, determined to do you a favor, and then things went wrong and caused you a lot of trouble, yet in the end social conventions required you to express gratitude (according to FluentU)," because it is basically useless, and fun to say (not really a valid reason, I just enjoy how it sounds, mostly). This word can also be applied to my life.

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    過労死 (karoshi, "death by overwork").


    夕立(ゆうだち, a sudden evening shower/rain)because it sounds really pretty, and also has no equivalent in English.


    I guess either 青い (aoi, blue) or 水曜日 (suiyōbi, Wednesday). I just like the way they sound.


    花火(hanabi) or 声(koe)


    My favourite Japanese word is ピカピカ. It means glitter/sparkle. I like the way it sounds. It is used like this: ピカピカの新製品です which means it's brand new.




    頑張って is a nice sentiment. It has many uses, if I understand correctly "work hard", "Do my/your/our best", and "Good luck" are among them.

    In terms of practical usage, すみません is essential for any 外人 visiting Japan. "Sorry" and "Excuse me" are just the beginning of it's uses, including calling wait staff to your table.

    In either case I think I'm draw to words that have versatile usage, meanings which depend on context and cultural background. Understanding the culture is as important as the language to effectively communicate in Japanese. The cultural meaning also makes it fun to learn! はい、ウェエブです。


    In terms of meaning, I can't really say, but きゅうけつき (kyuuketsuki, vampire) sounds really nice to my ears.


    I don't know that it's a favorite word, but I have had the word 九つ (ここのつ)stuck in my head for a few days. It sounds like it could be some the name of a tech company, like Aviato in the HBO show Silicon Valley.


    幸せ -- しあわせ -- shiawase = happiness




    俺にとて 侍(さむらい)

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    新幹線 (Shinkansen) = New Trunk Line

    Because Japan is the country were even seemingly boring things are actually very exciting!


    他人事(たにんごと or ひとごと) more of a phrase than a word, but it basically means someone else's problem. I just like that it seems to literally mean "a strangers thing".


    aoi/blue and ai shiteru/love you

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