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French 2 Honors preparation:)

So I finished my French final for french 1B on Wednesday(that's why I lost my streak because of studying) and tomorrow we are having our last day of class(a part)^_^ summer is coming up and I need some tips on how to keep up with French over the summer so that I don't forget once I get into French 2 Honors any tips? Merci beaucoup

May 25, 2017


  1. Talk to any francophones you know. Regularly. Keep your French speaking skills up.

  2. The website radio.garden allows you to easily find radio stations from anywhere on the planet. Go to France, Quebec, or any of the other French-speaking countries and find one.

  3. Teach Yourself has a ton of excellent learning books. For your current level, the French Tutor (goes up to B2) or Enjoy French (goes up to C1) would probably be the best.

  4. Use iTalki's notebooks feature. If you're really dedicated, you can hire a tutor using the site.

  5. Continue practicing using Duolingo. You should keep up your basics as you work further on.


You could continue practicing on Duolingo (thats what I would do) ;D

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