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Measuring Time On Duolingo

I have been learning German for quite some time now and I would love if Duolingo tells you the amount of time you have spent doing courses, I would rather have its say "n" hours than "fluency" but both would be super. And I could track my progress and push myself to reach the "n" hour mark, which would encourage more people than just me, I have seen posts like this that stretch up to 3 years back, but Duolingo has never implemented it, I'm not sure why. But hopefully they will add this, and even more statistics like word accuracy and average time spent on a course, these are just a few things I would personally want to see in future Duolingo updates, thanks!

May 25, 2017



Duo hasn't implemented it because it is extremely dificult to automatically keep an accurate record of time spent doing activities and also it could be quite easy to cheat and get a false reading. There are activity tracker apps that can do the job manually so it could be easy to set up your own system to record times manually.


it is extremely dif(f)icult to automatically keep an accurate record of time spent doing activities

As a computer programmer, I can agree with this statement. However if you change the statement to

"keep an accurate record of time spent doing lessons"

It's just two to five lines of code to keep track of time doing lessons. The algorithm simply starts a timer at the start of a lesson and after you finish the lesson it stops the timer and reads the time. You could get it accurate to a couple seconds. Of course your Tinycards work wouldn't be recorded, and your work on the forums wouldn't be recorded, and your work on the Words tab wouldn't be recorded, but your work on doing the main lessons that Duolingo is structured around could be recorded.

Thank you for your comment. 8)


As long as my wife can't see it. All those chores I've postponed...


For me, 'as long as my mom can't see it' : )


Lewis, I seem to be roughly in the same place as you re level and xp points. I calculate that it has taken me approximately 360 hours duolingoing to get there. Going forward I would think level 20 and 20k points is reasonable to finish the course. I have spend a similar amount of time on youtube/ netflix listening to spoken spanish. I hope to continue using DL after reaching my target but maybe cutting down and spending time talking/ listening to native speakers, maybe learning a language is a never ending story.

Good luck with your endeavours.


I also have similar, but calculate 99 hours (assuming 5 minutes for every 10 points) over 6 months.

I guess Lewis will need to work out how long an average lesson takes him to work out an approximate amount of time spent.


On your profile it says your starting date but that would only mean your first language.


I think Lewis is talking about the time you have spent doing lessons for that course. Sort of like XP, but measured in hours instead of Duo units. So not the period of time it's been since you started learning, but the time you've spent doing lessons.


Ohhh! Ok, I think you're right.


oh - I understood it the FrenchFireBird did at first : )


That would be cool. Nice skyrim picture.


Lingvist has such a measure, one of the very few measures they give. It is intriguing. It tells me I've used it a lot less than it feels like I have. I think from lingvist's standpoint, they'd really rather have it the other way around!


One of the things you can do, which won't give you time, but will give you more stats is create a classroom account, then add yourself to it. For example mine shows that I have spent 607 days 1550 lessons 43 skills 14877 XP on my course. From there I could at least make an educated guess based on how many lessons I did. For example, if I spent on average 10 minutes a lesson, then I have spent 258.33 hours learning.

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