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How do I get in to a community on duolingo? I want to learn together with others.

Hi! I have been using duolingo to learn Spanish for more than a year now. I've practiced by myself but I've gotten a bit unmotivated for a wile now. I didn't practice at all for some months so I've forgotten a lot.

I just wonder how do you get involved in a community? I read in different discussion posts that "people made friends all over the world" and how much they helped each other learn and stuff. Anyone got any good tips? I really think a group of people you have contact with and learn together with would motivate me a lot.

Thanks /Josephine

May 25, 2017



I would like to hear about some tips also. I"m trying to learn French otherwise I would join with you Josephine. I'm in one of "clubs" on the mobile app, but it limits what you can say... seems a little odd other than trying to stay top of the leader-board.


I'm also in one of those clubs on the mobile app, but I feel the same. Other then competing one the leader-board there's really nothing more to it.


Here is a link to the Official Unoficial Duolingo Discord server. https://discord.gg/y6X9HQC There is a channel for every language course on Duolingo.


Yeah clubs are pretty much completely pointless. It's a shame, they should really add more features to it


My only suggestion is exchanging emails and becoming pen pals. Good luck!


You are welcome to join my community chat room for spanish students on discord https://discord.gg/TA3sRAv. I can also give out links for other language related servers if anyone is interested.

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