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  5. "Ei se îmbracă foarte frumos."

"Ei se îmbracă foarte frumos."

Translation:They dress very beautifully.

May 25, 2017



Would "they are very well dressed" be alright here?


Not really. Your sentence would correspond to "Ei sunt foarte bine îmbrăcați".
Sure, the message conveyed may (arguably) be the same, but IMO it's just too differently expressed, for Duolingo to accept it.


why is an adverb (beautifully) used in the English sentence ? An adverb describes the "way of doing" something. The other way round it would make sense ...


The sentences inside the course are coming (as source) either from English or Romanian, depending on the author's position towards the learning tree. This one is coming from Romanian for sure. Adjectives, sometimes with degrees of comparison like ”frumos”, ”foarte frumos”, ”prea frumos”, ”urât”, ”destul de urât” can be used as adverbs to describe a "way of doing". If someone consider the way of dressing himself a kind of art, there are many ways of doing that :) So you will hear in Romanian a lot of constructions like:

  • Te-ai îmbrăcat foarte frumos astăzi! (a flattery, the verb is used at past tense)
  • Să te îmbraci frumos, te rog! (an incentive)
  • Ei se îmbracă destul de urât. (a gossip)
  • Ea pictează frumos.
  • El vorbește urât.
  • Vrabia nu cântă prea frumos.

Maybe someone can help with English translations for these examples, I have to run somewhere... Please tell us exactly what is your proposal for translating "Ei se îmbracă foarte frumos."


Very beautifully - doesn't sound good in English. Very nice, or just beautifully may be the English translation for foarte frumos.


Why is "dress up" not acceptat?

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