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This is not as much a complaint as a suggestion, because this site is awesome and gratis! However, I have an issue. There may be ownership rights which do not allow this, but I do wish that more of the translatable articles were from reputable sources with journalistic integrity. By that I mean that blog articles often have very poor grammar or incomplete sentences/thoughts. This is fine if you are already fluent in spanish, but it can get confusing if you're using these articles to learn spanish. Just a thought.

6 years ago



On the other hand, newspapers articles tend to deal with the same subjects over and over again. Moreover, newspapers use a kind of language that's very specific to newspapers, which people never use in real life. Blog articles, despite the problems you mentioned, at least reflect how people really speak.

Reply6 years ago

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I found the same problem while learning German. I cope by picking and choosing which sentences I want to translate. If they seem too obscure, I skip them. At least until I have a firmer grasp on the language.

Reply6 years ago