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Is the support team still active?

I submitted a inquiry re a stuck session in Spanish where I would pass the activity but other activities would not open up. Please get back to me duolingo.

March 20, 2014



Can you post your problem here?


Off topic, but whilst you're here, this id seems to exist only to post spam, so perhaps something could be done? https://www.duolingo.com/LeeIce


It appears you haven't completed Conjunctions.

Have you tried completing the second lesson in that skill?


Yes, I have completed the second lesson but I cannot advance out of Conjunctions to the next skill sets. Any suggestions? I even completed the "test out of lesson" and got no where...


This may happen if you are using either a satellite connection or a traditional wired connection that is slow or behind a firewall. Unfortunately, we can’t change that on our end. I have unlocked the next lesson for you so you can continue with the rest.

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