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How do people manage to learn multiple languages at once?

My name is maiky, I already can speak English ( In a satisfactory way) And I'm currently working on my Japanese and Italian and I must say that is a lot of work to do even though I'm passionate about learning languages. I am an ambitious person who loves romance languages and I'd like to learn Romanian, French Italian altogether. What do I do and what are your piece of pieces of advice on learning multiple languages at once?

May 25, 2017



Generally, it's not a good idea to try to learn two (or more) closely related languages at the same time.


Is distinct languages like Italian and german okay?


Trying to learn two romance languages at once is a nightmare. You will confuse the two constantly. I would stick to languages that are very different from each other if you're going to do them concurrently .


My advice is short and sweet:

Start with Italian!


Awesome, I love Italian, but why do you say that? is it better to get the sense of the romance languages?


You can probably learn more than one related language as long as they sound completely different - for example French and Italian


If that's what you want to do, just give it a try and see how it turns out. If you experience issues with confusing them, try something different :) Frankly, I think people worry about this a bit too much. The confusion reduces with practice, and I'd suspect French, Italian, and Romanian are different enough that it won't be that big a problem.


How could you start learning Japanese on duolingo if it's not ready yet?

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