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The Great Language Game

May 25, 2017



I got 500 for my top score. Thanks for posting!


I played before too... I couldn't score higher than 300 though.


Thank you...that was a fun game...it was also posted on the Langfocus YouTube channel today...I managed to get 800 on the first go round and will definitely try again...I messed up twice on Swahili...and found some of the Asian languages quite challenging. I live in New York and often hear foreign languages spoken on the street. I sometimes find myself trying to eavesdrop and guess the language..but then there is no way to tell if you are right or wrong...


Thank you for this! This was actually an amazing experience. Unfortunately, I only got a 350, but I will keep trying to get a better score and improving my familiarity with other languages!


It's interesting. A few languages I never heard before. I played once and got a score of 400.


I love it, thank you, Casper_Duo! Played ones and scored 550!


Thanks casper, great link. Not going to put down what I got, too embarrassing.


Curse you Finnish! I just lost and saw that 3/3 of my lives were lost to Finnish haha.


650 after some trials.

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