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  5. "He writes the menu."

"He writes the menu."

Translation:Il écrit le menu.

March 3, 2013



Why is it 'le menu' and not 'la carte'?


If you ever come to a French restaurant, you will notice that people read "la carte" which is basically the list of all the dishes you can order, with a price for each one.

As part of the "carte", you will be proposed "menus", which generally consist of 3 courses at a special price, inferior to the price of individual starter + main dish + desert.

In addition, you will get the "carte des vins", which can be separate if you are in a fine restaurant.


Thanks for the reply. I have seen and heard 'pre fixe menu' that has one price for a set number of courses and 'à la carte' for the individual dishes. I thought that 'menu' was the English terminology and 'la carte' was the French.

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