"Gătitul este hobbyul meu favorit."

Translation:Cooking is my favorite hobby.

May 26, 2017

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Voi nu aveți cuvînt Românesc pentru "hobby" - este foarte desgustător să împrumuți cuvinte care nu sunt ale noastre și să le Romanizezi


If you think so, then you'd be appalled by how natives actually speak, romglish is extremely common. Also, this is how languages evolve, a lot of "Romanian" words were taken at some point from other languages (mainly French).

Seeing how this word is both in DEX and DOOM, it's pretty much a "cuvânt Românesc". IMO, it's a lost battle to try to convince people to adapt its spelling to "hobi".


Avem: pasiune.


Could you use "hobby-ul"?


Why are we using definitive here? "The cooking is my favorite the hobby for me" is how it reads for me.

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