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"Gătitul este hobbyul meu favorit."

Translation:Cooking is my favorite hobby.

May 26, 2017



Voi nu aveți cuvînt Românesc pentru "hobby" - este foarte desgustător să împrumuți cuvinte care nu sunt ale noastre și să le Romanizezi


Avem: pasiune.


If you think so, then you'd be appalled by how natives actually speak, romglish is extremely common. Also, this is how languages evolve, a lot of "Romanian" words were taken at some point from other languages (mainly French).

Seeing how this word is both in DEX and DOOM, it's pretty much a "cuvânt Românesc". IMO, it's a lost battle to try to convince people to adapt its spelling to "hobi".


Could you use "hobby-ul"?

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