"Facultatea aceasta este cea mai bună."

Translation:This college is the best.

May 26, 2017

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Is a „facultate” the same as a university department or does it have a different meaning in Romanian? Because here it's translated into ”college” and I heard people say „merg la facultate” which I would never say in my mother tongue, instead „merg la universitate”.


Why is "the best one" wrong?


I think that "faculty" (teaching staff at a university) would be "facultate".


In Romanian a University (Universitate) is made up from other "Faculties" (Facultăți). For example, I studied at the Bucharest University, The Faculty of Philosophy. Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Filosofie.

Universitatea din București has other departaments, called "Faculty":

Facultatea de Drept - Law; Facultatea de Istorie - History; Facultatea de Litere - Literature; Facultatea de Biologie - Biology etc.


This sounds similar to the terminology I am familiar with from Canada in English.

The university where I studied has a Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, etc.

(A faculty may have departments within it - so, the Faculty of Science contains the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Zoology, etc.)

So, it seemed natural to me to translate the sentence as "This faculty is the best", and I was surprised when it was rejected and I was told it should be "college" instead of "faculty".

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