"Facultatea aceasta este cea mai bună."

Translation:This college is the best.

May 26, 2017



College and university is one and the same

May 26, 2017


That would depend where you are.

In the UK, a university may contain various colleges; but a college does not have to be part of a university. For example, there are 'Technical Colleges' where you will learn Electrical Installation, or bricklaying, or car repair - definitely not university subjects!

March 14, 2018


Is a „facultate” the same as a university department or does it have a different meaning in Romanian? Because here it's translated into ”college” and I heard people say „merg la facultate” which I would never say in my mother tongue, instead „merg la universitate”.

August 7, 2018


I think that "faculty" (teaching staff at a university) would be "facultate".

April 5, 2019


In Romanian a University (Universitate) is made up from other "Faculties" (Facultăți). For example, I studied at the Bucharest University, The Faculty of Philosophy. Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Filosofie.

Universitatea din București has other departaments, called "Faculty":

Facultatea de Drept - Law; Facultatea de Istorie - History; Facultatea de Litere - Literature; Facultatea de Biologie - Biology etc.

April 5, 2019
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