"Do you walk with us?"

Translation:Tu umbli împreună cu noi?

May 26, 2017



My answer was "Tu plimbi cu noi?" and was marked wrong. It seems unnecessary to use "împreună" when "cu" communicates the same message and "plimbi" is a commonly used word for walk. Could you comment on why my answer was incorrect? Thanks

May 26, 2017


Tu te plimbi cu noi? would be correct.

When walking oneself, it needs to be used reflexively in Romanian: eu mă plimb, tu te plimbi, el/ea se plimbă, noi ne plimbăm, voi vă plimbați, ei/ele se plimbă.

When walking your dog, it gets used like this: eu plimb câinele, tu plimbi câinele, el/ea plimbă câinele, noi plimbăm câinele, voi plimbați câinele, ei/ele plimbă câinele.

May 26, 2017


Is împreună optional in both cases of tu/voi?

September 5, 2017
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