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Japanese for Android review

Hope it's OK to post here. I made a video on the new app update with Japanese.


May 26, 2017



Thanks for the review. Hopefully this means not too much longer for the rest of us to wait for the Android version! Been eagerly checking each day since the iOS launch :)


Japanese on Duolingo on an Android phone? What kind of magic is this?!? Jokes aside, thanks for sharing! I'm glad it teaches you the individual characters. Looks like fun!


BTW if you guys are interested, I have other Japan related videos on my channel including videos from my recent trip to Japan. I still have a lot more footage from that to edit.


is that really android.i dont have it yet. also there is not a dulingo update


Of course it is, you should be able to tell from the screen capture. I got into the beta early to make the video. And of course help test it too.


Nice review! How were you able to access the Android version?


I got it early to help test and make the video.


Where can I sign to be a beta tester?


I emailed and asked. But I'm not sure if they let me in mainly for testing or more for the video. I wouldn't want them to get bombarded with people asking to join.

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