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Great Grammar Book Found

Two days ago, I found a fantastic book on Polish grammar at my university's library. It breaks declension, cases, gender, agreement, verbal aspects and teaches the reader how to manipulate the language dynamically. It is a very old book, but it has thus far proved to be invaluable in my learning. It also feels more effective than a lot of more recent resources that I have tried.

I have looked through the entirety of the book's content and it seems quite comprehensive; it is also presented in a clever, broken-down series of segments that each deal with one major grammatical aspect (and sometimes contain one or two other pointers). One also learns a decent set of vocabulary steadily as one progresses.

I am on the fourth lesson now, and I must say that I am astonished how much I've come to understand so much better. I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring students of the Polish language, whether it be after you've completed the tree or while you're working through it, to supplement your learning. I have finished the Polish tree a while back and this book is effectively reinforcing and improving my knowledge and understanding of what I had gained on Duolingo!

Teach Yourself Polish, by M. Corbridge-Patkaniowska (1964 Edition)

May 26, 2017



Dzięki for the recommendation! I assume it's part of the regular Teach Yourself Series - I actually prefer the older editions, the ones I've tried have introduced grammar much sooner (and more effectively, imo) and have a ton of reading and translations drills. I'll definitely add this one to my to-buy list :) !


Indeed, it is from that series. I first discovered it when I learnt Esperanto for the first time. I also found the Swedish version but I didn't take a proper look at it. I decided to rather focus more intensively on Polish.


Thanks for sharing.

[deactivated user]

    If this can help, i found this book time ago, but i don't know how it is because i've never tried to study polish but it seems well done ( i suggest you to have installed adblock in your browser):



    Thank you so much. I am looking at it right now and so far the spelling and pronunciation section is looking extremely comprehensive!

    [deactivated user]

      If you are interested, thre is another course i like to suggest because it's well done; the only problem is that the polish course is available in german, french and italian.It's called assimil (the audio can be found on the web, so you can save some money):


      Or i suggest you to try pimsleur and Michel Thomas method (both are focused on the oral skill, and i have to say that i like much more MT because pimsleur sometimes is boring, but it does its job very well). Even these courses can be found on the web:



      Lately i discovered the site language transfer, where the way of teaching is really similar to MT but unfortunately, there is not a polish course yet, but who knows maybe in a near future...



      It may be old, but audio is available for it, too.


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