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"Man muss zwischen den Zeilen lesen,"?

  1. I am a bit confused with the sentence by Duolingo, which is "Man muss zwischen den Zeilen lesen,". Zeilen means row which is specially for texts like row 1, row 2, etc.

My question is, if you are told to read between the rows (Zeilen), that means, that you are actually reading nothing/blank, because on top and on the bottom of the rows are actually nothing, right? Or is this just colloquial?

  1. Are these sentences correct?

) "Er hat immer Fußball spielen wollen,"
) "Meine Mutter hat mir ein Geschenk schenken wollen,"?


May 26, 2017



Man muss zwischen den Zeilen lesen. Would roughly translate to, "You must read between the lines." Which is an idiom. Basically to look for context beyond what is readily presentable.

Edit: Edited to add context as I shouldn't assume you are a native English speaker as it is a common phrase in English.

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