"If we were to go to school, we would learn Swahili"

Translation:Tungeenda shule tungesoma Kiswahili

May 26, 2017

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Kusoma is to read or to study. Kujifunza means to learn. And yes I've reported it. Will anything happen?


No, nothing has happened. Now, one year later tungejifunza is still not accepted. (reported again).


Would use of 'shuleni' not be acceptable here?


As I've read somewhere, Swahili and English have an interesting parallel kind of difference.

In English, we can say "Go to school/prison/hospital" etc., without an article and this indicates that we are going to the place for the main expected reason, ie. we are going to learn / be incarcerated / be treated there as a student / inmate / patient respectively.

If you work at one of these places or are going there for any other reason, you'd say "I'm going to the school" etc. (or "a"). <

In Swahili, I don't know how widespread the parallel is but I've seen it at least for shule(ni) and hospitali(ni). Of course, it's not an article missing but the choice between the locative variety of the noun and the original form of the noun.

Ninakwenda shule = I am going to school. (I am a student and I will learn there.)
Ninakwenda shuleni = I am going to the school. (No indication of what I will do there, maybe I work there or I am delivering something, visiting etc.)

I don't remember where I read this though, but if I find it again, I'll reference it here.


previously we learned -soma is "to study, to read" we also learned previously that the verb to learn is "-jifunza" Why does soma now suddenly become "to learn"?


Still no tungejifunza January 4, 2020. Reported.


Reported the bugs in the exercise again. This is really bad.


Jifunza, jifunza we need a jifunza.


Still no jifunza 15th july 2020


‘Tungejifunza’ reported again as correct 8.12.20.


Still does not allow 'jifunza'. I will report it. July 22, 2021


Tungeenda shule tungejifunza kiswahili STILL is not accept as of 12/20/21


If you look up "learn" in MobiTUKI e.g. you will only get "jifunza"!


...and now it's 2/26/22 and it has not been changed to tungejifunza!!!


I used darasani instead of shule .. is this ok?

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