"Mfereji wetu"

Translation:Our canal

May 26, 2017

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    My Kenyan Swahili tutor is unfazed by these matters; for him it is sufficient that "mfereji" is something that brings water, a canal, a pipe, or a tap and the context will give you the specific intended meaning.

    I notice that the Suez Canal is an mfereji in Swahili. And to give someone a tap on the shoulder you don't have to be a plumber.!

    My real problem is that I am 75 and my memory is too poor to learn such a different language.

    [deactivated user]

      Mfereji is used in the Swahili media to mean canal, such as mfereji wa Suez or mfereji wa Panama. In day-to-day contexts is is used to refer to a water tap or faucet, and also to an irrigation ditch or a drainage ditch.

      [deactivated user]

        Mfereji is a tap, and only a tap, according to the online " TLex Dictionaries" Swahili English


        I thought 'mfereji' meant tap because that's what it's referred to in Kenya. Is bomba a better word for tap? (my Tanzanian mates refer to it as that)


        I came to complain about this too. I speak Swahili and am just taking the course to refresh on some basic words that I've lost over the years living in the West and some of these words on duolingo are either wrong or when you type in the write word, they mark you wrong. For instance, I typed pocket for mfuko and it was wrong.

        [deactivated user]

          From Google SWAHILI-ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOR "MFEREJI" SW mfereji English translation mfereji EN canal, channel, cleft, ditch, tap, water-channel


          There is no point learning a Swahili word for canal when there aren't any in Tanzania. However there are channels which are used for taking water to wet rice fields. Canals are much bigger and used for carrying boats.

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