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"W sobotę mój tata będzie gotować zupę."

Translation:On Saturday my dad will be cooking soup.

May 26, 2017



"Mój tata" = "My dad", surely. "My father" (the answer I had no choice but to give) is somewhat formal.


True, "dad" should be the default here. Fixed now.


"Saturday my dad will be cooking soup" is the same meaning , Why is it wrong


Maybe a helpful hint for any Polish speakers using this course - for some reason in English one usually says "make soup" rather than "cook soup"


Shouldn't that be gotwal? Sorry no Polish keyboard, it's not an l.


You mean "gotował". It's not that it 'should be', it 'can be'. In Future Compound, you have two options: either you use the form that mentions the gender (Tata będzie gotował), or you use the infinitive and hide the gender (Tata będzie gotować). OK, of course with "tata" it's not really hiding the gender, but sometimes that's what you need to do, if you translate a story with a gender plot twist at the end... ;) Anyway, both those versions are perfectly fine.


One more question. Wouldn't tato sound better in this sentence?


There are people that use "tato" as the Nominative form, true, but I believe that's pretty non-standard. To me "tato" is like "pops", colloquial and affectionate.

And of course it's the perfectly standard Vocative form, used when you are speaking to your dad.


Why the heck should I be marked down for using 'będzie gotował' instead of 'będzie gotować'? There wasn't even a section allowed for me to report it. Raspberry to you, duolingo!


"będzie gotował" is not only accepted, but starred as well. It definitely should have worked.


It's still not accepted. Can that be fixed?

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