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korean for english speakers korean culture recommendations

hi Im Miyu, 17, japanese, more or less fluent in english, learning spanish, and know tiny bits of french and german. Ive recently become interested in learning Korean, because quite a few people in my grade at my school in japan can speak it for some reason, they probably learnt it through k-pop and korean movies and stuff. The Korean for English learners course is "under contrution" but it says it will be ready in 2099??? thats kind of a long way away... :/ haha i know lots of contributors are making efforts to get it done, but i wanted to ask if 1. you guys think its actually going to take that long? 2. are there any other ways apart from duolingo to learn koreanand hangul and stuff 3. the only reason im interested is because my friends can speak it, i myself am not really into korean music, girl bands or movies or books or people or anything at the moment.. do you have recommendations for me to get more interested in the korean culture and motivated to learn korean? xxx

May 26, 2017



I think you're well motivated and that's all what you need to learn Korean actually ! I have some wabsites that teach it like https://www.howtostudykorean.com or https://www.beelinelanguage.com i wish they will help and have a good day ;-)


I actually found a site a couple months ago that would be perfect for you if you want to get started on learning the Korean language right away: http://korean.cuk.edu/en/. This website is a free program developed by an actual South Korean university, and its lessons are very comprehensive.

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