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  5. "You do not eat bread."

"You do not eat bread."

Translation:Tu nu mănânci pâine.

May 26, 2017



Duolingo, you really need to put a (sing.) or (plur.) after "You". We're going stupid with this problem.


Informally isnt Tu nu mănânci pâine correct?


"Tu nu mănânci pâine" = "You do not eat bread" (singular "you")
"Voi nu mâncați pâine" = "You do not eat bread" (plural "you")
"Dumneavoastră nu mâncați pâine" = "You do not eat bread" (very polite form, you need to find out from the context if it's the singular "you" or the plural "you")


wouldn't this go for a singular "you"?

[deactivated user]

    i got a "correct" for that just now, so if you did not it has probably been included soon after yours or someone else's remark. But it is not a matter of formal&informal, or so it seems tu me, but tu is singular and voi is plural.


    Singular form was not accepted for me. Annoying when it's not clear from the English that they intend a plural.


    So since tu is singular you would voi be something similar to the southern phrase y'all? Because im not very familiar with using you as a plural word.


    The South in the US tends to use the phrase y'all, which isn't grammatically correct, but has become very common. Technically, English uses "you" interchangeably for single or plural, the listener understands which is meant by the context.


    ¿Por qué no se escribe tu nu mânănci pâine?


    "You" can be "tu" or "voi", you first person singular or plural is not specified. I should get either right


    FIX THIS PROBLEM. It is not specified between singular or plural

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