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  5. "The horn lies in the meadow."

"The horn lies in the meadow."

Translation:Das Horn liegt auf der Wiese.

May 26, 2017



What animal in English is called a horn? A ram?


The horn is a musical instrument. It could also be the horn(s) of an animal, of course, but that's not very likely. Though with Duolingo, you never quite know...


I'm a native English speaker from the U.S. Certainly, one could leave a musical instrument in a meadow, big based on the context, it seemed likely that they meant a horned animal. There are bighorn sheep, for example. And many American sports teams are nicknamed Rams, for this reason!


in der - in the; auf der - on the. Duo does not accept 'in der'. You might say: Das Horn liegt auf dem Gras in der Wiese.


You can't use a word-for-word translation here. English uses "in" for a meadow and German uses "auf." Which makes some sense since the horn is in fact on top of the grass of the meadow.


Actually in German it could also be "in der Wiese" and should also be accepted.


Also, Weise can be used as "way", like for example "in this way, thus, = auf diese Wiese", so again with auf. As discussed elsewhere, local/time prepositions in German are inherent of place/time.


Perhaps this is referring to the Mother Goose nursery rhyme? "Little boy Blue, come blow your horn; the sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn. But where is the boy who looks after the sheep? He's under the haystack fast asleep."


Note that "der" is used in "auf der Wiese" because "Wiese" is feminine and in the dative. A very nice exercise.

  • Das Horn liegt auf der Wiese.
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