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Different rates of decay for different languages

I'm keeping up with a few different languages on duolingo, trying to keep my completed trees up to date each day, but I'm finding that some languages have very different decay rates than others, and I'd like a little transparency into why that is.

For example, I will sometimes go two days without getting needing to clear even a single French lesson, but Portuguese (in which I have more xp and a better and more recent quiz score) will usually make me do five to ten lessons a day. Irish, which I more recently completed and am admittedly not as good at, is making me re-do more than twenty lessons a day, which is not tenable, so I'm hoping that will eventually go down.

Is there any place that explains in detail how this works and what to expect? Is there any way to tune these rates?

May 26, 2017



Romanian decays from gold to 1 point in like 5 minutes


I feel you. I haven't been able to progress for a month now because I want everything golden and I don't have the time to do 500xp per day.


I think that's just the way that it goes. I'm the farthest in German (I actually completed it at one point and got a trophy before they dumped a BUTTLOAD more lessons in it on us), and if I turn my back for a second, I'll have like 10 go from gold to regular-coloured.

The farther you get in a thing, the more lessons you have to practice. I don't think it matters which language it is that you're farthest in for it to do that.

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