"Armăsar sau cal?"

Translation:Stallion or horse?

May 26, 2017

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Isn't a stallion a type of horse?


A stallion is a male horse that hasn't been castrated. Which is also what an "armăsar" is. From what I've noticed, both in English and Romanian, in casual speech, people tend to use it as "a beautiful horse".


So it seems odd to contrast stallion and horse here - ok, it's really just a vocab test, but contrasting the two tends to suggest that second word can't mean horse.


I agree, you'd think the comparison would be between a stallion and a mare, or a stallion and a gelding. I guess that's too much vocab, not that I can see why we need to know the word for a stallion at this basic stage!


stallion is a horse


"gelded" i believe is the term used specifically for horses, or donkeys.


Odd that translating "A bull or An ox" the correct answer "taur sau bou" was accepted; but when I wrote "A stallion or A horse" for the above, that was deemed incorrect.


It's difficult to learn how to spell this phonetically, according to Romanian rules, when the way she pronounces it is "aremorsar."

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