"The dough"

Translation:A massa

March 3, 2013



Massa was pasta earlier, dough has not come up yet.


Wasn't it "pasta" on a previous slide?


thats true i never had dough


For food purposes, "massa" is the main ingredient of those dishes like noodles, pizza, spaghetti, gnocchi, lasagna and all that Italian stuff. (It is not the flour, it's that thing that looks like clay)

And you can call those dishes simply "Massa". "Comer massa".

For general purposes, "massa" means "mass".

What is a dough???


A dough is the clay-like mixture you described, used to make pasta, bread, pastry and cookies. In English we only use "dough" for the uncooked mixture, not the baked product.


And what about cakes? Is it called dough for cakes in English, too?


Like the corn masa harina or masa trigo (wheat flour masa) used for Mexican tortillas


Almost that. We call that "massa" as well, but the only foods (ready to eat) called massa are the italian foods.

You can prepare "massa" for bread. While it's not baked, it's massa (massa de pão), but we never call the baked bread "massa".


Dough and pasta are synonymous in Brazil?


Yes, but they are different things. "Dough" is the mixture of flour, water, etc. We use it for baking into bread. We don't eat "massa" (dough). We eat "massa" (noodles, pasta, pizza etc.)

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    You'd better watch out which "massa" you're eating! The wrong kind can give you a tummy-ache...

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