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Is there an easier way to click next lesson?

Hey all,

I love the "Strengthen Skills" button because it's one button and I can just do lesson after lesson, but it seems to only do my lessons that aren't gold.

Is there some way to move from lesson to lesson without going all the way back out to the tree and moving down? I just hate clicking Continue, Continue, Home, scrolling down the tree, then clicking next lesson.

I wish there was one button that just allows you to continue down the tree automatically, but maybe there is! Any tips?

May 26, 2017



If you're using a browser that allows userscripts (e.g. Firefox or Chrome), then "Duolingo Trim Tree" may help -- it can filter out all skills which have more than a certain number of bars of strength.

So if you tell it show only skills with 1 bar or less, you'll basically only see new skills -- then you just pick the top one.

It only works with the old version of the website, though, and I'm not sure whether that's still available to everybody. (For me, it only works sometimes -- I have to visit the site in a certain way to get the old version.)

If you're not sure whether you have the new version or the old one, click on the Notifications bell in the top right-hand corner: the old version shows notifications in a little drop-down window below the bell, the new one in a pop-up window in the middle of the page.


wow, you're the biggest power user I've ever seen on Duolingo. So many languages, and such a long streak!

I appreciate the feedback but it sounds like it'll mostly be easier to just navigate the menus as they are right now. Hopefully Duolingo will streamline this in the future!

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