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"The ladies are more important."

Translation:Die Damen sind wichtiger.

May 26, 2017



Isn't this a bit sexist.


I really don't think so: As the sentence clearly says "die Damen", the German explicitely means a particular set of ladies, in definite circumstances.
We don't even know against what they are deemed more important: Could very well be, in the context of some disaster, any material goods which, I hope everyone will agree, are in any case less important than human lives.


Yes it is, and yes they are. Although not for us gay guys :D


In America, Abigail Adams famously and wisely wrote to her husband John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers, "Remember the ladies!"


Can't we say Frauen instead of Damen?


You could.

It's best to stick to "Frau = woman, Dame = lady" on this course, though.


Thanks! I'll bear this in mind when the next "Lady" comes then...


is it ok if it translates "die damen sind mehr wichtig


No. mehr wichtig in German would be like saying "more big" in English.

German always forms its comparatives with -er, the way English does for short adjectives.

So it has to be "bigger" in my English example, and wichtiger in this German example.

Even long German adjectives such as interessant form their comparatives with -er: interessanter. mehr interessant is not correct.


You can't say "mehr wichtig" in German?


You cant create the comparative of adjectives with mehr in german. Its always wichtiger and never mehr wichtig.

If you saw something like that, then it might have been a sentence like this "Es war nicht mehr wichtig.". In this sentence mehr is not part of the "wichtig" and the sentence means something like "It was not important any longer.".

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