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"Ten pojazd to nasz transport do miasta."

Translation:This vehicle is our transport to the city.

May 26, 2017



We use this is our ride in the states much more often than transport


Okay, added now.


Why is it "to" instead of "jest"? AFAIK to is either "it/this" or it is/this is


It's also a way to say "X is Y". It is a bit of an "=" sign, although just a bit, so to say.

Take a look here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Why is 'transportation' not accepted?


It is accepted from what I see.


Would anyone really say such a sentence? It sounds very weird to my (German) ears, no matter if it's said in Polish or English. A transport is a kind of process, so can you really say that a thing like a vehicle is a process?


It may be a bit colloquial usage, but I'd interpret (in both languages) "transport" as a shorter form of "means of transportation".

I can easily imagine saying "Nasz transport przyjechał" being said when the taxi parks outside our house...


Okay, maybe it's also because we use "Transport" in German only for goods and prisoners, not for other people (or just very rarely in a technical or economic context).


Transportmittel would be the closest translation, I guess. However, IMHO each of those words sound a bit unusual when followed by a preposition, but the team of contributors decided that it's ok here.


I can't really imagine anyone saying "Dieses Fahrzeug ist unser Transportmittel". And if I heard it, I would never think of transporting people.


I'd reluctantly condone "Dieses Fahrzeug ist unser Transportmittel", but "Dieses Fahrzeug ist unser Transportmittel in die Stadt" will definitely exceed my tolerance threshold :)


As a non-anglicist I must admit that "I'd reluctantly condone" exceeded my comprehension threshold :D But never mind, I found help...

And yes, your German translation is perfectly understandable, although it still sounds quite technical. I guess the main reason why we usually don't speak about transporting people any more is that 75 or 80 years ago too many people were transported against their will to places that should never have existed.


Why not 'to the city center'?


Nothing in the Polish sentence mentions "center".

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