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German tree versus other trees

Why is German tree twice as big as the Italian tree or others? Does that mean the proficiency level in German, compared to other languages, is higher after completing the tree? Over 120 circles in German course versus 62 circles in Italian or Spanish...

May 26, 2017



The German tree may have twice as many skills but those skills are less populated than the Italian or Spanish ones. If you look at the number of lessons you can see especially German and Italian being fairly close to each other. (That post is old but the numbers seem accurate). Of course, we can still have the same conversation about Norwegian and Turkish based on that data.


Perhaps you're right, I didn't think about it that way.


"Why is German tree twice as big as the Italian tree or others?"

It's actually smaller in terms of total lessons than the Norwegian tree- it just splits fewer lessons into more skills.


It is SO daunting though, isn't it? I had a trophy once for completing it, but then they added like 20 new lessons and I've never been able to snatch it back again.

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