new site doesn't show which skills reguild

I just got the "new site" and I use a lot of timed practices. I like to see which skills I've just re-guilded at the end of each practice, but the new site doesn't show that at all. have tried several languages now and it still doesn't work.

any help?

May 26, 2017

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Hi! This feature should be implemented on the new website within a week or two. Thanks for your patience :)

May 27, 2017

thank you I appreciate the quick answer! my only other request is that I'm able to see how many XP I got on previous days when I float over the numbers.

otherwise I think it runs just fine in comparison to the old site and haven't noticed any differences. besides of course my "course progress" userscript (hey, there's an idea!)

but seriously thank you!!!

May 27, 2017
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Update: This feature is now live on the new site.

May 30, 2017

Hello karint,

I like it very much that you take the courage and time for an open user dialog and help the DuoLingo community and (maybe) also take some suggestions to discuess with your internal DuoLingo business developer team.

Q: Why does the completion of an excercise just show ONE single skill strengthened/re-gilded...but does not provide the name of the other 2-n strengthened skills?

Is it really that hard to show the names of at least for more 2-5 displayed skills, if more than one single skill was strengthened?
I can not just guess only from the skill graphics, sorry.

With best regards from Germany


August 19, 2017

will you all also be bringing back the little popup when you level up with the flag and the little fanfare? it was a nice celebration and I honestly tweeted every level up I got so I could keep track of the dates. that's also missing and it was such a nice feature...I worked so hard for my norwegian level 20

May 28, 2017
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