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Lack of Hindi course progress

Is there any progress on the Hindi course? There's only one contributor and he keeps putting everything off. In fact, he keeps delaying a progress update. If he can't even commit to telling us how much work he's done, then he should be replaced. The lack of progress is very frustrating. I'm sure many agree, since there is a lot of anticipation for the Hindi course. If the contributor can't be bothered to do anything at all, then Duolingo should replace him. There are lots of other people who are qualified and want to put in more effort than him. I am tired of checking each week to see if there's an update and continually being disappointed.

May 27, 2017



Course death in the incubator is a serious problem and is one more thing that is frustrating for users. Hindi is definitely not the only one to have stalled. If Duolingo is trying to get money from advertising now, then maybe paying contributors for the courses would be a good idea. They could use that money to get more courses, release them fast and for all platforms. Otherwise backup contributors or some way to prove they can stay before qualifying? I think they should avoid adding courses if they can't be sure they will ever be finished

Also don't be too quick to say it's just laziness he is the last contributor and we don't know what's going on.


At this point, there will be no progress for many years. I, too, am very frustrated by the lack of progress. I support your idea.


I agree, I have been waiting among many others for the Hindi Course, and I am also frustrated that they are not working hard on it!

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