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  5. I just got the new site today…


I just got the new site today...

I can't use 1,2,3 to choose the multiple choice button and have to use my mousepad. I can't review what I got wrong (How can I learn if I can't even see what my mistake was?!?).

This new site is a MASSIVE downgrade. It's as if they're working backwards instead of forwards? I can see that it is slightly faster than before, and that's the only positive point I can see so far. But add the time it takes to manually select the choices with my mouse and it breaks even!

May 27, 2017



I have exactly the same experience and roughly the same opinion as you.

Just to let you know, there is already a discussion about that here. If you would like to keep this discussion for your problems only that is fine too.


I agree.
In addition, just a few minutes ago, I made a observation on the forum, but I can't find where I did that.

There I commented on how incredibly slow the new Duo is. I was trying to refresh a unit in the Spanish-English course but it took so much time merely to tell me that my answer was correct that I gave up after only about five seconds.

I just now tried to switch to the English -Spanish course,. But I could not do so-- Spanish was not an option.

Please, let me/ us have the old version back.

Right now, I have a streak of 193 days. But now I will lose i,. because I am near the end of two trees (Spanish-English; and English-Spanish,)I have a lot of refreshing to do. But I can't spend 15 minutes on each refresher.


A few days ago I also noticed that after you strengthen a skill, the website diesn't tell you which skill you strengthened. I thought this was a bug only affecting me, but apparently it is a new "feature" of the new website, as I read in another discussion. :-(

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