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Can we remove the new update?

I have recently been hit with a new update on the duolingo IOS app. It incorporates new features like health and gems but I really don't like it. I searched around to figure out if I was alone on this viewpoint. But every single post about this update and its new features that I've seen were against the new update. Everyone had a different reason that they disliked the new update, but personally, I feel that it has sucked the fun out of duolingo. I always loved duolingo because it was not as boring or droning as many similar programs are. This new update has made duolingo too difficult and annoying. It is at the point where I have difficulty enjoying duolingo now. I would recommend that duolingo get rid of the update and bring the app back to how it was a few days/weeks ago. I recognize that the update was designed to help duolingo get enough money, but I'm sure that the smart people over at duolingo can figure out something better than this.
Whatever happens, I just hope that the duolingo staff can listen to the pleas of us users and act on that.

May 27, 2017



I got hit by it today and immediately uninstalled afterwards. I hope they get that in their metrics.


I hope they check the forums, I don't think I have seen anything positive.


Yeah, I looked for a better way to contact duolingo other than the forums but everything seemed to be set up for bug reports and stuff, so this was the best I could do. I just hope they get the message one way or another.


I have the same problem. I've heard that staff only very rarely look at the forums. This isn't a bug. It's just something most users could go without. How do you give input to the staff when all they will accept is bug reports?


They'll definitely get App Store review reports. If it drops from 4.5 stars to 3.75 or worse, producer trousers will be soiled.


I am sorry to announce that I've heard a rumor that the work was started on the update almost a year ago and that Duolingo doesn't want to waste all the work they've already put in it. I'm afraid we're stuck.

Also, the staff rarely read the forums. The only way I know of directly communicating with them is reporting a bug. In this case it's not a bug, it's just negative feedback.


sunk costs is sunk costs. What a terrible use of a year! If I spent a year practicing amputation to chop off my own foot that wouldn't make chopping off my own foot a good idea.

I love the language contributors of Duolingo a lot and I'm very grateful for what they do, but the tech and data and management side have been doing more harm than good in comparison to what Duolingo was before from what I can see from my experience.


Use your browser on your iPhone, or switch to android or the desktop. Android or Desktop is your best bet to not deal with it. Desktop is better anyway.


I'd been using the browser version precisely because there were already things in the app that I didn't like (e.g. not telling you anything about your progress after you complete a review). And now those annoying things from the app are popping up in the browser version. If this keeps up I might just have to start looking for other ways to learn languages...


I've been using my desktop more often now. It's started to work with my schedule better in recent weeks. So I'll probably switch over to primarily using my desktop anyway.


I've been using the browser on my Android as the update made Duolingo not work on 2 of my Android devices, sadly. The only thing missing using the browser on Android is not being able to read comments and not being able to report errors. Ah well, I'll survive, but I do hope the next update makes Duolingo work on my devices.


You can click "View full site" or whatever the button says (mine says "サイトを見る" as I'm doing the JA→EN course, so I'm not sure exactly what it says in English). It's on the dropdown where it shows your stats, settings button, logout button, etc.

This way you can read comments and report errors on the browser on Android. Though I admit the full site isn't nearly as nice to use on a small phone screen, but for me it's bearable.

I don't really use Duolingo on my mobile much at all though. So using the full site view may feel a lot more annoying to people who use Duolingo on mobile more heavily than me.


I forgot about that! Thanks Testmoogle. I think it's just that the web version is slow on my Android device that viewing the full site may make Duolingo even slower. But I'll try it out anyway just in case!


I am completely disappointed with the direction that Duolingo has taken this year. The focus on app and device users over web users goes completely against the original goal of providing free education to anyone with an internet connection, all the recent updates have been for their convenience and not ours and they keep removing everything fun or useful. Currently I am searching for more effective websites because Duolingo is becoming frustrating and ineffective for me. I don't want to have to buy a new device to get the best of it.

Sorry but somehow I don't think that they are going to listen to our complaints.


The focus on app and device users over web users goes completely against the original goal of providing free education to anyone with an internet connection, all the recent updates have been for their convenience and not ours and they keep removing everything fun or useful.

Useful features have been removed from the website, but also from the apps. I for one am grateful the website has not undergone the changes described by app users- I don't know that I would have continued using Duo if confronted with what has been described by many frustrated users. I don't think not changing the website more has had a negative impact on the goal of providing free education. And I doubt the majority of app users would agree that the changes are convenient - at least those on ios.


I agree. The use of gems and health is not good. It slows people from learning. The way I see it, is that you use the app to become acquintanced with the desired language yourself, not to just brag about 'lol see me some language'ing and i learn so great that i can't learn more'.

This is disappointing.


it's like they they try to simplify it more and more for an average 10 year old kid who finds the app by chance when looking for a game, then they do few lesson to never open the app again. I wish Duolingo allowed us at least to personalize the way we want to learn, but hey, not gonna happen


Might just start paying for Babbel tbh


Somehow this business survived their large scale A/B tests without, allegedly, reducing usage metrics. Bewildering. I'm guessing it reduced usage metrics "acceptably," while generating enough revenue that they view the tradeoff to be worth it.


I think the A/B test is still in progress because I recently updated the app and it looks the same as it did before the update. I still have lingots and I cannot see any mention of Gems or hearts/health.


Mine hasn't changed either. I access DL on my Mac and iPhone. So far all is well and in sync. I still have ingots and LOVE IT THE WAY IT IS. It has been a rewarding journey and I am grateful to DL. How I wish to remain without the update! I had opportunity to check out the new mobile interface and I don't favour. Someone I know opened a DL account recently and his mobile app offers a totally different learning experience than the one I've come to appreciate with more intensity now. His interface shows disruptive messages prompting to "get more health", or to view on ad, etc.etc. It is now that I understand why long time DL users are dreading being switched to the new update.


If I get switched to the new iOS version with health, I will simply delete the app. Apparently, duolingo does not really care about the opinions users voice on the forums, so maybe deleting the app will at least show up in their statistics sonewhere.


Same everyone is talking about this new update and I still have lingots no health things like that even when I update it on the App Store. TBH I kinda want the update



"Completely free, no annoying ads, no misleading in app purchases. Free at last"

Also remember "Free forever"

Oh wait-

This is AWFUL. You shouldn't be punished for making mistakes or progressing for that matter. I would post my friends message about it but it contained too many swear words. They have uninstalled the app because they said the whole idea of Duolingo is ruined, and it is. If someone from Duolingo is reading this, change it now before it is too late. Whoever came up with this needs firing. Immediately. Before too much damage is done.

Also while you are at it, add Tips and Notes to iOS


I totally agree, Duolingo used to be the best !, but this feature is above stressful, boring and discouraging. I would gladly pay a 20 USD fee a year in order to keep learning, but this gem and health is thing. I terrible!. Please Duolingo, reconsider your strategy NOBODY, not a single user likes the new update features. Thank you and I really wish you can come back to your great beginnings! when were cool, fresh, interesting and fun. not like today.

[deactivated user]

    This update totally sucks! Just started a week ago, was learning a lot of new words and getting into learning a new language. Tried this new format - it's crap! What a disappointment! Shame on you Duolingo!!!


    I had to reload Duolingo on my android phone. The new app seems like the children's version. Come on, Duo, don't mess us a good thing. I'm trying to learn a language, not play games with treasure chests, and cheesy gimmicks. Let me have the old app back, please!


    this update is a complete failure! i want to return the previous version. why on earth did i press that update crown button? i don't want to redo all the lessons that i did earlier. cancel it!


    Totally agree. Ruined.


    Lingots zingots! This "health" thing, which I call the "wheel of death" really sucks. They say it's to give the learner more incentive to concentrate on memorizing the correct answer. Poppy cock! Let's answer like adults. It's to try to get people to pay money to continue their lesson that day. I find it's a disincentive and when I run out of lives I just switch to a different word game. I've often heard educators applaud students who make errors only to then find the correct answer. Kinda like when a kid calls something by the wrong name. That's the way they learn!

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