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Feedback on the new site

Along with several other people, I recently got moved to the new website (>6-month old users, you already have it). For the most part, I like it, but I have some issues, too:


  • The visual updates to the site are great. The only downsides are a.) the question-change swipe-looking thing is really annoying, and b.) it looks more like the app with every passing day and it's giving me painful flashbacks of how awful that thing is.
  • Esperanto's bonus skills finally show up on the website tree.
  • The drop-down list of languages near your name is scrollable (but, oddly, not on the forums).


  • It's actually slower overall. Prettier, but laggier.
  • No post-lesson review button, progress quiz, trophy certificate, "this month" XP tab, or language course pictures on profile pages. Why in the world would you remove those?
  • Timed practices have shorter time limits. I assume this is an A/B.
  • Sentence discussions open in another window. I can see why they would do this, but it's annoying and should be changed back to normal.

NoEsImposible's comment on this discussion describes the changes. It would be nice if Duolingo had a regular changelog with future announcements and lists of A/B tests.

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts, and feel free to add anything you liked or disliked about this update.

May 27, 2017



I hate to be rude but the new version is trash.


I really hate that they have removed:

  • Leaderboard by the month (was very motivational) - FIXED! Thank you Duo!

  • Progress quiz - again, motivation!

  • Errors are no longer underlined - you can't immediately see where you went wrong. Combined with shorter times, this actually makes it harder to learn from your mistakes.

  • For Firefox, I now have to click on the window before I can select options 1, 2, or 3. Before, I could do everything with keyboard only. - FIXED! Thanks Duo!

  • WHERE IS MY SPEAKING PRACTICE? It's such an important part - although there were some issues.

I'm not a fan of the shorter times, due to:

  • Reporting errors during timed practice is now practically impossible

  • No time to think about or note your mistakes

Also, the audio (Firefox) is actually worse - nearly all sentences cut out the first word.


"Leaderboard by the month (was very motivational)" - YES, I share your regrets.


I haven't noticed timed practices being shorter, but I like the feature that opens sentence discussions in a new tab - it's a bit laggy, but it's useful for timed practices, as I can open up the discussion and then continue with the practice session, so I can read through the discussions afterwards. I also like that the notification bell actually seems to work now. Add I don't mind the addition of ads - if they'll bring in Duo money, great. As long as they don't have those ads that autoplay videos (with sound!!!) I don't mind if the screen's covered in them, lol.

I can still see the language pictures on people's profiles - an A/B test, maybe? - although I don't see any streams... I can't remember, were they removed along with "Activity" or is it another A/B test? I also can't remember if this is a new change or not (it's been a while since I was an active user), but the drop-down list of languages next to my name is ordered from the highest level to the lowest - I'm pretty sure the order used to be random, although maybe I'm just imagining things.

I do miss the post-lesson review button and the progress quiz, though. The reviews were great for - again - timed practices, and I can't imagine why they removed the progress quiz: I know a lot people complained, but they either could have updated the description to make it 100% clear that the quiz tests users on the entire tree, or added a second, cheaper progress quiz that only covers skills that have been completer.

I haven't noticed any change in the speed overall, but the question-changing swipe-animation thing itself is quite laggy and sometimes I'll have to stare at a blank screen for a few seconds before seeing anything.

If the new website is cheaper for them to run, then I can appreciate all the new changes, but there are definitely still improvements to be made. It's just a shame that IIRC most users are app-based, because it seems that the dedicated users are the ones who use the website, and it seems to get neglected by staff for the most part.


"Activity" was the streams. I think the drop-down list has been from highest level to lowest as long as I've seen it. It is random if you have two languages at the same level, though. How did the notification bell strike you as not working before?

I bet you're on to something with the complaining about the progress quiz covering the whole tree. I suspect so few people complete entire trees that anything contingent on it is ever on the chopping block.


I'm pretty sure the order used to be random, although maybe I'm just imagining things.

No, it's been like that for as long as I've been on the site.


Just got the new update. Last night, I had the previous version..
Today, I attempted reinforce a unit. I got through about 4 sentences and then had to give up. It was so incredibly slow..

If it stays this way, I will have to stop using Duolingo. Normally I could reinforce a unit within 5-15 minutes, depending on whether I looked at comments, or not

Having to wait 30 seconds or more merely to find out my answer is correct does not help learning.

I wouldn't say it is any "more "pretty" Nor does prettiness matter to me.-- I am trying to learn Spanish.; function is what counts.

Please let me/us have the old version..

I am so disappointed. I really liked Duo, but now it seems to be unusable.

There goes my streak.


I guess they removed things like the progress quiz and trophy certificate to make lingots even more pointless and give us even less motivation.


It looks like they removed multiple skills strengthening as well ?


I don't have the new site yet, but I actually like the idea of the sentence discussions opening in a new window. That way you can actually access the dictionary feature or save it as a bookmark without having to try to find the whole web page version of the discussion with Google. You can also open them to read after a timed practice.

Most everything else looks like a step back or useless. Timed practice is already an incredible challenge in some languages I've concentrated on: Russian, Guaraní, Hungarian. Making it even harder is lunacy. I also think they made switching base languages more difficult by only giving languages from the current base language in settings.


"I also think they made switching base languages more difficult by only giving languages from the current base language in settings."

Hah, when I first noticed that, for one (absurd) moment I was worried all the courses not using English as a base langauge had been removed! I actually thought the new site would include an easier way to switch between base languages, but.. apparently not.


Removing "This month" comparison from the leaderboard is the most unpleasant change for me. We used to have regular monthly competitions with my friends. A week is too short a period.

The new version which removed the good old stuff is crap.


Still haven't got this


Depending on how old your account is, you may have had it from day 1.


I really want the speaking part back…since I don't have much opportunity to speak to real people, I would at least like to speak to my computer. The shorter time for the timed practice is frustrating because it is a test of my typing (not great) and also my ability to put the accents in properly (too hard to do quickly). The older amount of time was challenging without being maddening. I love this free website but I haven't really found any pluses to the changes. Would like something to do with the lingots besides seeing them accumulate…please bring back the progress tests. Offer additional conversations or videos that you can "buy" with them.] But again…can't complain too much when it is FREE!! Thank you Duolingo!


Seems like you reached level 25 in the last few minutes! (as I type this it still shows you as 24) Congratulations!

There was information posted yesterday about which browsers support the new speaking recognition implementation. (although I'd recommend just reading whatever sentences you like out loud if you find it useful!)


Thanks! I did reach level 25 but my speaking is still level 3 or 4 but I am persistent and love to travel. Thank you...I looked for the information about browsers and switched to Chrome. My speaking option is back! I will give you some lingots even though I can't figure out what you will do with them. Thanks!

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