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  5. "Du bist aus Berlin gekommen."

"Du bist aus Berlin gekommen."

Translation:You have come from Berlin.

May 27, 2017



I wrote "you come from Berlin" instead of "you have come from Berlin"... which is grammatically correct in my books but maybe im wrong?

[deactivated user]

    It'd have to be "You came from Berlin", because it's past tense


    Why not "Du HAST....."


    Some verbs use sein instead of haben for Perfekt and Plusquamperfekt (or both). So haben is the regular form, but there are plenty irregular verbs with sein or with both forms.

    Roughly its something like this:

    Many verbs that describe the change of the state can only use sein.

    Many verbs that describe the motion can use both, depending on the region just one of them might be in use.


    Verbs that state a movement or a change in the case uses SEIN in their perfekt form instead of HABEN , such as gekommen,geworden, and gewesen.


    You're from Berlin


    You have arrived from Berlin?


    would be Du bist aus Berlin angekommen.

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    When it says "You have come from Berlin." it means that you originate from Berlin right? For traveling from Berlin it would use "Du bist von Berlin gekommen.", am I right?

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