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Three very cool ideas to improve Duolingo

So I know people make posts like this all the time and they're usually kind of annoying but hear me out, I have three REALLY cool ideas:

  1. You know the parts where you have to choose which answers are right between 1,2, or 3? What if you could hit 1,2,or 3 on your keyboard and it would AUTOMATICALLY select them, like a shortcut?

  2. After a lesson, wouldn't it be helpful if you could see which questions you got wrong? Then you could learn from your mistakes and also you could see if it was actually a typo so you don't have to worry that you have a mistake in your target language or maybe even what you wrote was right it was an error from Duolingo. They could call this option "review lesson". They could put a button like this on the page that appears after a lesson and you could click it and then it could have a box pop up showing which answers were wrong and what the right answers are.

  3. It would helpful if after doing a lesson it told you which skills were strengthened. Just an idea. Do you think it would be too hard from a programming side?

What do you all think of these ideas? Please upvote them if you think that Duolingo should consider adding these features. I know that I personally would enjoy Duolingo a lot more of these features were added. They would sure be MUCH more helpful than intro animations, bots, or clubs!!! Even if the website was a tiny bit slower to accommodate them, it would be worth it to have these great added features!

May 27, 2017

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The people who left lingots clearly understand what sarcasm and satire are. Some of the people who commented, not so much XD Not that I'm digging for lingots. I don't even know what to use them for. Especially since the only thing I used to use them for (progress tests) has been deleted in the new bum-rubbish version of duolingo.

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