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Does "Streak" matter?

Obviously, it's useful to practice every day. But does loosing a "Streak" really matter? What effects does it have on the learners record?

Are there any effects on other measures of progress - for example: Total number of XP points; Level?

May 27, 2017



For me it's a motivation to keep going.


From my experience, there is actually no other effect. You´ll get 10% more lingots every 10-day streak, but because there is no useful stuff to "buy" with, it is worthless to collect lingots.


Not true. I feel bad to correct u, but streak freeze really helps and gives extra lingots, at least for me


Congrats on your streak! For me it is just a useful motivational tool that keeps record of my daily practice. I lost my previous streak and bought streak freeze this time around. Hope I won't have to use it, but it doesn't hurt to have fun insurance to keep my enthusiastic ego happy in the event of a contingency. Happy learning!


Congrats on the streak. I don't think it matters or effect your learners record but its motivation. The xp doesn't matter, but keep your strength bars high. (I learned that the hard way)


I have a 76 day streak and it has gave me an incentive


Not as far as I can tell.

Unless Duolingo is set to send you emails, in which case it'll send you emails telling you to do your Duolingo and get your streak.

Other then that, it's just there to motivate you!


Hi nick Orson nice streak

[deactivated user]

    it matters if you want to by some extra things in the store


    Unless you're more competitive and want to keep the streak going, it really doesn't matter. All it does is give you lingots for keeping it up.

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