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Change to 'Report a problem' facility

Since yesterday, there no longer seems to be the facility to type an explanation of why one's answer should be accepted. Now there are only tick box options and these are often too simplistic to adequately convey the nuances of translation.

Over the past three years, I've dutifully typed explanations of why my translations from French to English (though never the other way round!) should be accepted and in due course, many of these have been acknowledged and added to Duolingo. This was a really useful facility and I can't see how its removal can be an improvement.

May 27, 2017



I use the iPad app, and have only ever had the ability to "report" an issue, never the ability to give a reason.

[deactivated user]

    I have never been able to get any response from the "Discus Sentence" box. I have only been here a month or so.


    Is there some place we can ask the Duolingo staff about these changes? I have spent over an hour on the discussion forums trying to find answers to why this, and other changes have been made.

    I think it would extremely helpful if Duolingo would send out a notice if they were working on something that was causing a certain feature not to work, such as the "discuss sentence" not opening, or the up/down voting arrows not working, or if they planned to change or remove a feature. Today I discovered that the "report a problem" was changed when I wanted to write a suggestion and, a few weeks ago, I noticed the slow "turtle speed" pronunciation was missing. Both of those features I used a lot, especially the "turtle speed" if the recording was hard to understand.

    Oh, last but not least, while trying to read the grammar portion of a lesson today, there was a moving advertisement on the screen that was distracting me. On a couple other ads, there was something to click on to remove the ad, but not on this one.


    Just experienced the same problem. Opened Duo today to find I have the new version. Was reviewing a lesson and couldn't move on because every time I typed an answer to a particular question it rejected it, giving me a "correct" answer in totally ungrammatical English. Nowhere to submit bug! In the end had to type ungrammatical answer to finish lesson. Like you, in the past have reported such sentences in the 'why your answer should be accepted box' and in some cases the moderators have added the answer to the correct solutions. Now it appears this option has been removed. Also (I don't know whether this is a temporary bug or a permanent feature) I couldn't open any sentence discussions although the button is still there.

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