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Suggestion for German Course! Add bonus course for words with no English translation?

Hello! I hope you're having a great day, because I am. I have one small itty bitty suggestion for the German course. I really want to learn words in German that have no real English translation, and if possible could that be added as one of the bonus courses in the lingot store? If it isn't possible that is FINE with me.

Thanks, -DanTheNerd.

May 27, 2017



I like the idea, not only for the German - English course, but I think it's hard to implement. Duolingo's system works like ['Sentence/Word' - 'Translation'] and I'm afraid, a lot of words need more of an explanation than a simple translation, and we all know it's not Duo's strong point.


Yeah. In some of the earlier courses for German, some new words will have a more detailed description of the word that you can dismiss and anytime you click on that word you can bring back the detailed description.


But those descriptions are only grammatical-wise and don't really capture its meaning.


Sound like a really nice thing to learn good idea


I stole your idea and made a tinycards' deck with 50 everyday German words without a proper English translation. It's here:


Suggestions are welcome.


It's good for teaching the words but not so much the gender or things like that.


A lot of these are compound nouns, if you want to know the gender of one of those, it's always the gender of the last noun in the compound

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