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Some keyboard shortcuts have stopped working

I failed an exercise today because I lost a pile of time on several multiple-choice questions. I used to be able to just press 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard to select the different options, but the newly updated website seems to have broken that functionality.

I hope it's just a temporary glitch and not a permanent "improvement".

May 27, 2017



Same here, I hope it gets resolved soon.


They are lost for a while. A new version of the website rolled out yesterday, and the feedback is negative: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22804195


I'm also having problem with microphone questions. I used to just press enter, now I need to click with the mouse since enter doesn't work with these questions anymore. And I've notices when I say the sentence right, now text becomes orange instead of green.


So, a new version of the website has appeared!!! Why weren't we warned? I thought my iPad was going bananas and I can't get any word translations before I type in my answer Why?... By checking again and again and 'tweaking' the answer to build your sentence you learn much better but because I can't ask for certain word translation anymore my motivation is going downhill. Is there something wrong with my computer or do other users have the same problem? Duolingo can you please explain????? A tad disappointed


It's also stopped telling me how much a category has been strengthened after a practice session.

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