... please!

June 24, 2012


(How) Can we support duolingo to launch English - Dutch? I would be willing to help... as I am really interested in learning Dutch right now!

I am Dutch native speaker and I am improving my French here and learning Spanish... I would love a learning Dutch section so my boyfriend can also use it for learning Dutch. I would love to contribute to this Dutch section when it comes...

I would love to contribute as well!

I would be willing to contribute as well. Native Dutch speaker.

Another native Dutchie here who would be delighted to help :)

I would love to contribute. Native Dutch speaker, huge Anglophile (level native speaker), 10 years of french education ( advanced/academic level... but that was a couple of years ago ;) ) , basic education in German (3 years) and introduction to Spanish (1 year)

Wow, I'm envious. I really want to learn Dutch. I've got a few words but nothing solid, yet. I have a feeling that once I really dig into it, it won't be too hard as a native English speaker. Aside from English, I have no experience with Germanic languages. I'm very used to Romance languages, so, I don't find the basics of them too difficult when I take on a new one. I'm certainly not fluent in any one of them though, sadly. Spanish is certainly my strongest but Portuguese is my favorite. Because of the convenience of duolingo, I started up Italian the other day. I really need to work on my other languages before taking on a new one!

Sugarbellydj, have you studied any Scandinavian languages? I would imagine with your Dutch and German knowledge they'd be pretty quickly learned.

when i was 16 I spent 2 weeks in Denmark and I spent 95% of my time there socializing with locals. I hoped to pick up some Danish while i was there but I didn't because of what I call " the english curse ". Scandinavians learn english just like we belgians do... so we spoke english. When 2 people who speak a different language have a common second language they can use, they will.

That's too bad about not learning Danish while you were there. But, at least you got to communicate easily as a trade off. I'm sure it was a great experience. I've just started German on duolingo. I really like the way they approach it. They have very cleverly chosen the beginning vocabulary. There there seems to be a smart collection of important words that sound the same but mean different things right from the start.

Even though I think it's a little ambitious to pik up a language in two weeks I do understand your point. I am not sure about Danish people, I do know that Dutch people love to either practice their English language skills, show them off or both. If they hear someone with an accent they'll try to switch to English very fast. I have a couple of non Dutch speaking colleagues and this 'curse' you speak of makes it very difficult for them to learn Dutch. Even more so in Amsterdam than the rest of the country I think.

In Brussels (which is officially a bilingual city-French and Dutch) The french speaking population doesn't speak Dutch because they know that we speak French.... So I take pride in speaking Dutch there :)

I will be studying and living in the Netherlands and I would like to master my Dutch. Dutch has been an important language for the scientific community in the historical times, I am sure many people who wanted to learn it would use duolingo.

Dutch please!

Daar ben ik mee eens.

Please please please get a Dutch course!

What can we do to make it happen?

More like name is learning Dutch, for people outside The Netherlands

Yes i also want to learn dutch. Please make ist possible

yes Dutch please!! (so I can study there!)

You don't need to speak Dutch to study in the Netherlands, everyone speaks English

I will study in Dutch so yeah Some people HAVE to speak dutch ;)

I highly suggest Dutch as it is a similar language to those that are currently on duolingo. It would make a great addition to the family of languages as well.

Dutch will soon be supported. There are people working on it on the duolingo incubator! :D

How can I help?

(native Dutch speaker) Now I learn here Spanish with English, it works fine but learning directly Spanish to your native language would be best. I am willing to help concerning the Dutch course and texts.

Dutch please!

I am going to study in the netherlands and would love to learn dutch here!

Yes! I am using Duolingo to learn French and German but am teaching myself Dutch... I wish there were a similar program to learn Dutch! I love this program!

I agree, I would love to see Dutch added to the languages! In both directions, that way my friends and family members who aren't fluent in English can still learn other languages, and my foreign friends can learn Dutch!

As I support options to learn my language (Dutch) for other people, I would really like to assist or help in making this happen! ;-)

Dutch people have in the the past and shall in the future, learn many languages when they discover DuoLingo!! Due to that, we have become world travelers and economically and scientifically of some importance. For that reason we (the Dutch De Nederlander) feel everywhere at home on this globe. Now it is time that people discover The Netherlands and it's widespread language Dutch. So....give yourself a present:-) Thanks in advance!!

Please we need dutch!!!

would be great if Dutch were added

Please react Duolingo. A simple 'no' would be ok, although 'yes' would be better :)

Please support English to Dutch. It's a great combination of English, German and French and I believe a lot of people is interested in learning this language.

I would love to see a Dutch for English speakers course added!

Wow Dutch is similar to German, I knew it was but never really how much. The same sentence is, "Warum willst du Niederlandisch lernen?"

And Afrikaans is similar too "Waarom sou jy Nederlands will leer?" (^.^)

I just moved to Belgium and I really have to learn Dutch. I would love so much to learn Dutch on this site. Is there something that we can do to make this possible?

I am also really interested in dutch and this is by far the best language app I've used.... please do Dutch!

I would love to have Dutch in Duolingo's too! I'm using Babbel right now, but I definitely would prefer to use Duolingo. I mostly would love to learnDutch, because I love the culture.

I am flamish ( belgian ) And i tray to speak en write in english . so i use duo lingo , from english to spanish ,but i do not onderstand everyting . I hope you do in de future a course from dutch to english , en from dutch to spanish to . Because here in flandres , people will study a lot of languages. I have a daughter ho is living in South Afrika , end one ho lives in Spain . So i tray to speak en write to my grand children . The world is my village !

They have started classes that teach english for dutch speakers recently!

forgive my English but I assume you know more of it than I do Dutch(Flemmish)!

@Mark-oh9: Waarom zou je Nederlands willen leren? (Why do you want to learn Dutch)?

Dutch is actually my native language. I don't think Dutch has priority for Duolingo. Maybe something in this list can help you:

I speak Dutch i like to learn Frence.

i would also really love to learn dutch

I like language site Dutch where i can learning France.

I would very much like to learn Dutch.

yes bring dutch! :D

Great, Dutch to English is available now!

One down, more to go! Keep 'm coming!

I have accidentally started learning German. I wanted to learn Dutch first and then German. So, about a year ago I bought some Dutch study materials and have learned a little but not much as my methodologies for learning have been inefficient. I've actually done more passive learning, just listening to Dutch lessons and dialogues. Thanks to Duolingo being so addictive, I've started learning German first as my knowledge of German in just a few weeks is better than my Dutch. I will say that what I know of Dutch I can speak better than German, for now. I REALLY want Dutch lessons on Duolingo!!! Please!

Please, I would really love to learn DUTCH, too! And from the other way round (Dutch->English) it can be only a tiny step to English->Dutch? Please!!

Hi everybody . i'm Hoa. i live in Viet Nam. i going to Nederland next year . i really want to learn dutch. please help me. thanks everyone

Join the Duolingo Dutch Learners group on Facebook, you can always post your questions there and get help from other users.

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