"Chúng tôi luôn quan tâm về an ninh của họ."

Translation:We always care about their security.

May 27, 2017

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chúng tôi - luôn - 关心(Guānxīn) - về - 安宁(Ānníng) - của họ


I thought that quan tâm đến was to care about.


An Ninh= 安 宁


Yes although Vietnamese used to be written in Traditional characters so 安寧. :)


We always care about the security of them. Literal translations although awkward english are not wrong. I am learning Vietnamese not English. I hate the pedantic nature of these failures it is timewasting and mentally abusive to me . I want so much to progress. I have been cut off from my vietnamese family fo two years and believe me video phone conversations are very different from being embedded in the culture.

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