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Duolingo Suggestion : User-Created Sentences

I've gone through a lot of repeat sentences, and thought it would be a good idea to allow other users to create sentences. These sentences would need to be checked to see if they are correct and are related to the lessons. There are a lot of verbs that I've never seen conjugated in certain forms, and allowing it would get rid of this problem. It seems like each lesson only has a few dozen sentences, and sometimes the same sentence will be repeated multiple times in a review session.

What do you guys think?

May 27, 2017



I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but if it was put into action, it would take a lot of work and more staff. There are roughly a 150 million Duolingo users. If on average each one put one sentence in per month, there would be

150,000,000 / 30 = 5 million

sentences to check per day. It would be probable that a lot of those sentences would be incorrect, and Duolingo would have to hand-filter through every one. If users were allowed to contribute multiple sentences, an average of one sentence per month might be off (say one user contributes zero sentences the month, and another month another user contributes 50 - that would be 25 sentences per person per month, I calculated for 1).

If you'd like to contribute sentences to a course, you can apply to contribute to a course on the Duolingo Incubator.


There might possibly be a billion accounts (I have no idea), but the official number of users is a lot lower.

150 million was the last official figure I saw back in March:


120 million a year before that:


(But still a massive coordination problem)


Thanks for pointing that out. I have edited my comment to reflect the new statistics.


As a course mod, I find your suggestion very appealing. To overcome many of the obstacles in implementing it and give it any hopes of being accepted, I would say we would need to leave the actual act of addition of the sentences up to the Incubator volunteers. After all, someone would have to not only check the sentence, but also figure out which course it belongs in, enter the main and side translations, potentially enter the reverse translations and set up various types of exercises, and enter any missing hints in two directions.

I am actually being selfish. One of the challenges in developing a course here is to keep coming up with sentences that fit the various objectives and constraints. If I could be served (by a new Incubator tool drawing from a database of user suggestions) a list of sentences meeting the criteria tied to the part of the course I am working on and whatever criteria I enter to filter/sort, I would be thrilled.

The sheer number of potential suggestions could actually be used to an advantage. Users could vote for their favorites. Talk about "user engagement". Of course, much better troll screening tools would have to be in place.


Well... considering that on average, a popular course takes about 6 months to accept my reports, if we allowed this to happen, it would create a huge headache for people who check the sentences. It would be best if you just applied to be a contributor. Otherwise, just use an app like HelloTalk and talk to native speakers if you want to learn any tiny nuances that you wouldn't otherwise on Duolingo.


Great idea. There could still be quality review.

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