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How does the fluency percentage work?

I'm just a little confused. My friend and I are at the same level in our courses, French and Spanish respectively. That being said, I'm way more fluent than he is because I use a lot of resources, and have a lot more time in my day to learn, and I have been learning for a week longer. I'm even watching my respectable DVD collection in Spanish. And yet he's at 10% fluency and I'm at 5%, and this morning when I got on it was at 4%, presumably because of strengthening. Is this perhaps just a difference in the courses? Or does Duolingo think I'm not getting something?

Disclaimer: I'm not under the impression that this number accurately measures my fluency...

May 27, 2017



The fluency isn't very accurate. If your at level 8, and you are only 4 percent fluent, that probably isn't very accurate.


How does the fluency percentage work?

Do not worry about it anymore. Just keep enjoying the course.


It doesn't, that's the point.


I have no idea how fluency percentage works. But fluency percentage is really inaccurate anyway so don't worry about it.


Wow, just realised I left out my introductory sentence.

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