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  5. "Wir mögen unsere Fahrzeuge."

"Wir mögen unsere Fahrzeuge."

Translation:We like our vehicles.

March 3, 2013



So what is a zeug? Is it a 'thing' as in Ein Spielzeug is a plaything and a Werkzeug is a workthing or what? Danke!


Yeah pretty much. It comea from the middle high German "ziuc" ‎(stuff, gear), from old high German "giziug" and then from Proto-Germanic "tiugiją" ‎(stuff, gear, device)


Ich Danke for explaining a little history with this word. Too bad duo doesn't teach high German


why not 'we like our cars'??


Fahrzeuge is a bit more general- whereas a car is, well, a car, a vehicle could also include things like trucks, schoolbusses, tractors, etc. So Fahrzeuge could refer to a car, but it could refer to other things as well


I tried this too


Would Germans interpret Fahrzeug as car? It marked me wrong for "we like our cars".


In some circumstances Fahrzeuge would be a car, but it could also be things like motorcycles or semi trucks.


How do I know when to use "unsere" and "unseren"? Please help me here. Danke!


Das Fahrzeug/die Fahrzeuge. Neutral plural will use unsere. Feminine nouns will use unsere in the the genetive case. Masculine like der Apfel will use unseren.


Hi depends on the noun that comes right after. In accusative case andere is for feminine (die) and unseren for masculine (der).


The hover lists aircraft as a translation of Fahrzeuge... This is not correct?

[deactivated user]

    It's wrong.


    What christian said. You can use 'Luftfahrzeug' for aircraft, however.


    Could I say car as a translation of Fahrzeug ? I put this and Duo said it wrong :(


    Not really. "Fahrzeug" is more general than "car". E.g. a lorry or a motorbike are also "Fahrzeuge".


    Thanks for answering ! So vehicle = Fahrzeug whereas car = Auto ?


    Motorbike in german is motorad


    We like our transport?


    Car is not the same as vehicle?


    A car is a type of vehicle, similar to how a cat is a type of animal


    Car is the same think with fahrzeug


    I put "we like our cars", but it was deemed incorrect. Does the German language have a separate word for "car"?


    Is it just me or are other users of this app having a hard time understanding the female speaker? I use the Memrise app and I have no difficulty understanding the voices they use. Memrise even has native German speakers that I can understand better than the female speaker with this app.


    Why isn't "We like our cars" accepted?


    why provide aircraft as a translation when it's wrong


    duo's internal dictionary is not reliable. It's a good idea to always double-check new words you learn.


    do you know if it's also bad in other languages?


    The main problem is that it doesn't provide context information. It just lists a bunch of translations without telling you when they're appropriate. As for lexical errors: I don't have statistics but it seems to me that the English-Spanish dictionary currently works best. (But this may just as well be an artifact of my limited command of Spanish)


    To be fair on the duolingo team, it might be very hard to provide context-appropriate translations and that's why they need us.. but it's surprising and a little disappointing to learn that they would provide a translation that would never be right in any context (I'll report it).. I'm (selfishly) glad to know you don't think the English-Spanish dictionary is as problematic, maybe partly because there are many native Spanish speakers on the team? And maybe the English-German dictionary is particularly problematic because of the compound words?


    Making the software automatically fit contexts would be very hard indeed. They'd have to solve the AI problem for that ;-) What they could (and should) do is licensing an external dictionary like pons to not just provide a bag of words but also context information. It'd still be your job to decide which context applies to a specific situation. As they neither have the expertise nor the manpower to build a good dictionary on their own, I think licensing is the most viable option.

    This http://is.gd/oqlRIa is much more useful than just listing 'transmission ratio, translation, rendition' as possible translations of 'Übersetzung'.


    Yeah, now I see what you mean :) I like your idea! :)


    "Fahrzeuge" - isn't it should be with an umlaut if it's the plural "vehicles" ?


    No. "Das Fahrzeug, die Fahrzeuge".


    How do we know it's plural?


    There would be an umlaut above the "a". Most of the time an umlaut indicates plural.


    In this case there would be an "e" at the end, but I think most of the time an umlaut means plural


    What is the plural form of Fahrzeuge?


    Correction, I mean the singular form. Sorry my bad.


    Das Fahrzeug. To make it plural you add an -e. This isn't a general rule, but on this word and some others. So das Fahrzeug changes to die Fahrzeuge as all plurals have the definite article of die.


    ...say the russians...


    Should this sentence be understood as a general statement that we humans like our vehicles in general or is it more like specifically WE like THESE our vehicles or both?

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