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Suggestion for improvement: Let us select ALL of our courses from the language drop down menu.

It seems to be a relatively popular option to do reverse trees or laddering trees when learning a language. (That is, if, say, I am learning German and French from English, I also do English from German, English from French, German from French and French from German. I think this is a great way to reinforce your languages. However, changing between these options is a bit annoying, you have to fo to the language menu, go to "add course", go to a different page where I choose my origin language, then choose the language I want to learn...

I think a lot of people would appreciate if we could just directly switch between any of our courses from the language drop-down menu, regardless of our language of origin.

May 27, 2017



Duolingo staff doesn't seem to want (at least is in no rush for it) to implement this option asked since the first day there has been courses from different source languages on the website.

See here an userscript doing what you ask.


I don't think it will ever happen as the site is very much set up with the idea that the average user is someone learning one language from their mother tongue, but I too would love it if they did this.


Duolingo seems so unenthusiastic to implement such a feature they actually made it substantially more difficult to switch among courses from different base languages in the website rewrite.


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