What does that mean? I read it somewhere in relation to friend-zoned..

May 27, 2017


I've never heard it before, but if it's related to being friend-zoned, it's presumably a neologism based on jemandem einen Korb geben, which literally means "to give someone a basket" but idiomatically means "to refuse someone's advances, to turn someone down, to rebuff someone".

So if you wanted to hook up with a girl but she "gave you a basket", she said no.

Some people might call that "being friend-zoned", though perhaps a better explanation might be that the woman does not owe it to you to be anything more than a friend.

I have never heard "gekorbt" but there is an expression "einen Korb bekommen"/ "jmd. einen Korb geben" which is colloquial for "to rebuff / to turn someone down". Maybe in some areas they made a verb out of it? In any case it would be extremly colloquial.

Okay thanks :)

I'm native German and I've never heard nor seen it too but I agree with the other answers here. That's how I understand it as well.

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