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So many un-strengthened skills!

I lost some motivation on Duolingo, and needed a break. Now I have my motivation back, and ton of my skills are un-strengthened. I stopped caring about my fluency a long time ago because it's pointless. The reason I lost motivation in the first place was because I was almost to the point of where all my skills were fully strengthened, but suddenly a bunch of stuff I knew, and other lessons I just worked on became un-strengthened. It was too much and was pointless. No matter how much I practiced, my skills still weakened. So I'm going to try to get some of them re-strengthened again. If the same thing happens again should I just give up and not worry about it? It's starting to affect what I think of Duolingo, and I don't want to think poorly of it. Thanks.

May 27, 2017



Those who have become the strongest have fallen the most times.

Picture: 七転び八起き, literally "fall seven times, stand up eight".


The point isn't to strengthen skills, it's to learn a language. Strengthening skills is just a technique for organizing your practice. My advice would be to start at the top and go through each one once; either doing each one that needs strengthening or just do each one whether it needs strengthening or not. Once you reach the bottom of your completed list, go back to the top and do each of the lessons that still need strengthening one more time, then repeat or start skipping around to the ones that look most fun. Whatever interests you most. I just completed a section myself, so I expect to spend the next several days redoing the ones that started complaining. It's good practice.


i guess no one's perfect as long as you review your hard work...I know I didn't go through all this for nothing :)

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