What happened to the Practice button on iOS?

Was this part of the whole stupid Hearts system (separate threads about this)? I used the practice button a lot and now it's gone? Why?

Speaking of which, the logic for this button was actually pretty idiotic. it seemed to just picked your lowest non-gold topic and do that, doing possibly 2-3 at a time if it decided you didn't need much practice in each.

The effect of this was that when you have a full or near full tree you actually have to do a lot more than 5/day just to maintain them all. If you don't you end up with a lot of topics at the bottom of the tree that get neglected because Practice never gets to them.

May 27, 2017


So the button was pretty idiotic and yet you used it a lot!!!!!!!!

Or have I missed something?

May 27, 2017

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May 27, 2017

Keep in mind that Duo uses a "spaced repetition" model. The first time you learn a word it gets weak incredibly fast, and when enough words in a lesson get weak it gets un-gold and you have to restrengthen. Since the lessons build on each-other this means that the last lessons will strengthen earlier ones, which is why it's really rare to need to do a strengthening session on something like Basics 1. Another wrinkle is that the first time you see a word the strength drops very quickly, the second it does it less quickly, etc.

So if you've just finished the tree a month or two ago you'll get a lot of decay, and probably have to spend more time relearning it than you spent on learning it. And that's actually the point. You don't learn a language by seeing a bunch of words once, you learn it by practicing it a whole lot, and Duo is specifically designed to force you to do that.

If you spend as many days on Spanish as I have, your tree stays very very gold, and you can maintain that status by doing one of the bottom lessons every day. I do my 20 points of Spanish (most days it stays gold, so I hit the strengthen button once and then pick a skill from the bottom five I haven't done yet this week), and it just stays gold. Swedish, OTOH, is a total disaster in the middle of the tree, and Romanian? I've got like 9 skills with one strength bar. If I keep up my 50 a day in each language Swedish should be fine by the end of next month, but Romanian will probably take 2-3.

May 28, 2017

Did you check the top right corner? It is hard to see. If it is not there, you must have the updated app version as I still have the button.

May 27, 2017

Another thread about the stupid hearts system suggested they were A/B testing these changes. You may just not be in the group that's got it. I'm envious.

May 27, 2017
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