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Are there any good quality free TTS voices for Swahili?


I was wondering if anyone has found a Text To Speech voice for Swahili? I have found the Google Translate voice to be too robotic. I need one with better quality.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


May 27, 2017



A guess based on no evidence: No, there isn't, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. There was TTS for French and look what that did to the French course here!

I've been killing myself searching for a good quality, legally free TTS for English, online or offline, and to no avail. I found dozens of sites, but each one had its own problem. (And I trust my searching skills) Swahili isn't as widely spoken as English.


I think fromtexttospeech.com is good for English.


Indeed, that was the first site I came across, but it's not legal.
The voices are IVONA's. (Download one, you'll see the file is tagged with IVONA's name) IVONA doesn't note this site, the site doesn't provide any Terms of Use, no real contact information, and they've changed voice names. Sally, IVONA's, is named "Daisy" in there. Clearly illegal.


I've been searching for a while as well. I haven't been able to find any quality Swahili TTS systems. The best one is Google Translate, but the voice is robotic and annoying at best.

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